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Darknight Special "...a night like this"

The Cave





(Video-Clip)= Beamer-Show-Einlage

DJ Wish:


Paradise Lost - Mystify

Rozencrantz - Bound to you

Northern Lite - Girl with a gun

The Beauty Of Gemina - One day

The Cure - Purple Haze

The Cure - In between days [live in Lyon] (Video-Clip)

Din A Tod - Jean se peur

Cancer Barrack - Das letzte Gebet


DJ Sparksfly:


The Essence - Confusion

The Glove - Mouth to mouth

The Sisters Of Mercy - Heartland

Siouxie & The Banshees - Dear Prudence

The Cure - In your house

The Cure - Plastic Passion

The Cure - The pillbox tales

The Cure - Meathook

The Cure - Charlotte sometimes

The Cure - Snow in summer

The Jesus & Mary Chain - April Skies


DJ Wish:


Christian Death - Angels and drugs

Beauty of gemina - Into Black

The Cure - Funeral Party *

The Cure - Boys don´t cry (Video-Clip)

The Cure - A Forest (Video-Clip)

Tragic Black - Redlight dance

The House of Usher - It doesn´t matter

Adema - Looking glass

All gone dead - Newspeak (room 101)

The Cure - Lullaby


DJ Sparksfly:


The Cure - A Strange Day

The Cure - Let´s go to bed (Video-Clip)

The Cure - The Walk (Video-Clip)

The Cure - The blood

The Cure - Shake dog shake (live)

The Cure - All cats are grey *

Joy Division - Atmosphere *

Pixies - Where is my mind *

Shock Therapy - Hate is just a 4 letter word

Bauhaus - She´s in parties


DJ Wish:


The Cure - Pictures of you

The Cure - How beautiful you are

The Cure - The lovecats (Video-Clip)


DJ Sparksfly:


Second Decay - I hate berlin * (sorry für den schlechten Remix)

Joy Division - Love will tear us apart *

Siouxie & The Banshees - Spellbound

The Cure - Primary

The Cure - The hanging garden

The Cure - The same deep water as you *

The Sissters Of Mercy - Some kind of stranger *

The Cure - Burn (Soundtrack from The Crow)

The Jesus & Mary Chain - Blues from a gun

Tuxedomoon - No tears

No More - Suicide Commando

The Clash - London calling

The Cure - Killing an arab

The Cure - Fire in cairo

The Cure - Just like heaven

The Cure - Lovesong *


DJ Wish:


New Model Army - Innocence

Love Like Blood - Epitaph

Element Of Crime - Über Dir der Mond

The Cure - The Figurehead (live)

The Cure - Friday I´m in love *

The Cure - Why can´t I be you ? *

The Beauty of gemina - Colours of mind (Neuvorstellung)

Rozencrantz - Severed dreams

The Cure - Three Imaginary boys (live) (Video-Clip)

The Cure - Fascination Street (live) (Video-Clip)

The Cure - High (live) (Video-Clip)

The Cure - Let´s go to bed (live) (Video-Clip)


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