Der erste Test der geplanten Filmszene aus

"Dirty Mary Crazy Larry "

und der dazugehörigen

"Pendelsteuerung" der Eisenbahn




The first test of the planned film scene "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" and the "pendulum control " of the railroad

Die ersten Standbilder der Filmszene aus

"Dirty Mary Crazy Larry "


The first stills of the film scene

"Dirty Mary Crazy Larry"

eine Runde auf Spur 2 / one round on lane 2

Heli-Simulationsflug / heli simulation flight

Mustang "Police", first testing round

Chevrolet Bel Air (1957) "Vanishing Point Valley Fire Department" with working searchlight & dinghy-trailer

Ford Mustang GT350 "Vanishing Point Valley Highway Police" with working flashlights


 Mustang & Trailer construction for filming

Chevrolet Chevelle vs Plymouth Superbird

Plymouth Roadrunner "HEMI Edition"

    animated campfire

one round with the truck on the new one-lane road

the lonely coachman


forest fire in the valley